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About Dinette

Dinette highlights an innovative vision of culinary culture and the art of living through its biannual print magazine.

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Mountains, conifers and wide open spaces are featured in this collection of posters that invites you to calm and contemplate. Magical landscapes in your home.

Poster - Small boats

The succession of canoes, isolated in this blue expanse, makes us lose our bearings; are we floating or flying? Print - Small boats

Poster - South Tyrol

Like a painting that takes shape before our eyes, the landscape is discovered one element at a time. The mystical blue lake catches the eye and slowly the eye drifts to the mountains, the trees and the clouds. All of them unite in a perfect reflection. Print - South Tyrol

Poster - Lago Di Braies

At dawn, we embark on a journey towards the breathtaking mountains, touched by the first gentle rays of the sun. Print - South Tyrol

Collection ofPrint - Switzerland

Print - Stoos
Print - Saxer Lücke
Print - Furka PassPrint - Furka Pass
Print - Furka Pass Sale price50.00$
Print - StoosPrint - Stoos
Print - Stoos Sale price50.00$
On break
Print - Saxer LückePrint - Saxer Lücke
Print - Saxer Lücke Sale price50.00$

Yellow pullover anorak

Local, collaborative, convivial: the basic vocabulary of contemporary and trendy food is also the one adopted by Dînette. A magazine of analysis and a directory of addresses to direct the lambda foodie towards unpretentious cuisines.

Le Devoir

A new paper magazine, which from its first edition, proved that it is still possible to make a collection magazine, which stands out with a unique signature, as much in visuals as in texts, and even in recipes. A magazine that can be read as a hobby, as there are so many beautiful images, interesting interviews, and novelties to discover.


Dînette is a "field experience that takes the reader to various regions to meet restaurateurs, producers and people in the trade".


Perfect for the foodie in the family. Through a cute and clean design, Dinette shows us a different vision of food and gastronomy.

Journal de Québec


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